About us


Who we are

Aesta Real Estate Agency is a group of highly experienced specialists who understand the nuances of investing in real estate in Cyprus.
We offer a broad variety of services for the acquisition and registration of real estate in Cyprus, as well as the following registration of a resident permit in Cyprus.


– We build long-term, reliable relationships with our partners (developers and clients), as well as with everyone who contributes to solving the problems of our company.
– We offer the client a little more than what is written in the contract.
– We perform work with consistently high quality and on time.
– We clearly understand the ultimate goal and desires of the client.
– We strive to increase the value of our services, not their price.
– We are responsible for non-disclosure of confidential information received from the client in the course of cooperation.


Customer satisfaction – we fulfill our obligations.
Efficiency – we try to use resources productively.
Transparency – we provide reliable and accurate information about our achievements.
Security – we offer our customers a high level of knowledge to ensure the security of their services.
Spirit of partnership – we strive to maintain long-term, reliable and constructive relationships with all stakeholders.
Integrity and honesty – we always do what we promised and do not undermine the trust of customers.
Continuous development – We see the need for continuous professional and personal development of our employees.